Take the No Impact November Challenge

In my last blog I talked about recycling and what we can all do to cut down on our waste and live a more sustainable lifestyle. But if you want to take that message a little further than how about taking the “No Impact November Challenge”?
The idea behind “No Impact November” is to get households to explore different ways to consume less, share more and use less oil (in other words buy local produce).
Every household or community could have different goals to help achieve the above, but some suggestions are to buy local organic foods rather than shopping at the major shopping centre, buy in bulk and also to walk and use more services in the local neighbourhood.  
By doing some of these things we can help the environment and also we can help band together as a local community and support local business in Bacchus Marsh.
The “No Impact November Challenge” officially runs from today until Thursday next week, however organisers behind the event are encouraging individuals and groups to take the challenge at whatever time suits them.
Read more about the challenge and ways you can help lessen your environmental impact in Bacchus Marsh by visiting www.ethical.org.au/household_action_challenge/nin.php.