Don’t Forget to Recycle, Bacchus Marsh!

This week is Recycling Week around the country, so I thought what better time to write a blog about re-using and recycling our old goods?
It seems like a lot of what we use these days is simply disposed of even though what we are throwing away can be used again in some form or another.
Take clothes for instance. If you grow out of something or simply can’t see yourself wearing it anymore than how about asking your friends or family if they would like to take some of your older items, or placing them in a charity bin (as long as the clothes are still in good condition).
There are many items this can be applied to, so before you go throwing something away consider selling or giving it away instead. If it’s an appliance or old piece of furniture perhaps it can even be repaired!
Recycling Week should also remind us to put the right items in our bins. In Bacchus Marsh we have a general waste bin collected weekly and a recycling bin collected fortnightly. To make sure you are recycling the right items head to and get educated about what can and can’t be recycled.
The more we all recycle the better our local community of Bacchus Marsh and the rest of Australia will be. Less waste means less landfills and a more sustainable future for everyone.