Moving? Have You Organised the Utilities Yet?

Moving homes is often a stressful time and with everything going on it can be easy to let some of the smaller details slip through our fingers.
One task in particular that can get left to the last minute is switching over of the utilities.
Ideally utilities such as your phone and electricity connections should be organised weeks before you move.
Most companies will require at least a few days notice if you want to have connections as soon as you move in to your new address.
Do your research early and find providers that offer you the best value for service. Then all you need to do is ring up, provide your details and you should have everything switched on when you walk into your new home.
Also let your utility providers know of the day you plan to move, so that you still have electricity at your current address while you are packing up and cleaning.
If you get your utilities organised early you’ll have one less chore to worry about when you move and you won’t risk moving into a home with no lights or hot water.