Is it better to move or improve?

Is it better to move, or should you improve on what you’ve already got? In my last blog I talked about renovation issues you should be aware of, but if you are looking at upgrading your house it can be easier just to move homes altogether.
There is a lot to consider when deciding whether moving or improving is the better option, such as costs, logistics, time, organization and ability.
The first thing most people will think about is obviously the cost. When moving you need to consider the cost of a new house, removalists and possibly fees such as stamp duty. Renovating can be very expensive too though so depending what you want out of your move or renovation you’ll have to weigh up which will be the best financial option for you.
Once you have calculated the costs you need to figure out the logistics. Do you have the time to sell and buy a new home? Or if renovating can you make the extensions and/or improvements you want to? Also to consider with renovations is whether or not you can live in your home while renovations are taking place.
When working out the logistics figure out who else needs to be involved, what work needs to be done, who needs to do what and what time constraints you might have.
Your own abilities may also help to influence your decision. If you can do renovations yourself or if you have a background in real estate then you might be able to save on some of the costs or time involved.
So have you weighed up your options, is it better to search for, buy and move to another property, or design, plan and build on the property you already have?
If you need any help trying to decide which is the better option for your personal circumstances then please get in touch.