Become Fire-Ready During Fire Action Week

This week is Fire Action week and locals are being reminded to plan and prepare to help protect the community against fires.
As part of Fire Action Week, the Moorabool Shire Council is urging us all to do the following:
*Take the time to understand the risks that relate to your specific situation.
*Know and plan when you will leave, where you will go, and what you will take with you.
*Complete fire prevention works around your home or business.
There will also be events in the community organised by the CFA where we can learn more about fire safety.
Here are some things we can all do around the home though as advised from the Moorabool Shire Council website:
  • Cut the grass and reduce ‘fine fuels’ – such as long, dry grass, fallen leaves and twigs.
  • Clear leaves out of gutters, dead undergrowth, fallen branches, and wood piles away from the house.
  • Ensure homes, sheds and garages are free from overhanging branches – Clear vegetation from around the house, keep grass less than 10 centimetres high and remove weeds.
  • Mulch – Use stones or pebbles or decayed humus mulch instead of woodchips or dry straw. Keep it moist.
  • Gardens – Avoid plants with high levels of oils in their leaves such as eucalyptus and tea trees, which are highly flammable.
  • Metal flyscreens – Install metal flyscreens on windows, chimneys, doors and vents to keep out embers.
  • Around and under the house – Remove flammable items from around your house, such as paper, boxes, doormats, woodpiles and garden furniture.
  • Back-up water source – In the event of power failure, use a non-electric (i.e. diesel) pump from an alternative water supply such as a swimming pool, tank or dam.
  • Actively seeking advice about other actions recommended by the CFA or the MFB.