Unions Don’t Want to Work On Avenue of Honour

Bacchus Marsh is still torn over whether or not the Avenue of Honour should remain roundabout free, but it looks like this time it’s the building unions who are putting up a fight.
After trying almost everything to keep the Avenue of Honour as is, union building workers have decided that they will not carry out building or demolition works at the Avenue of Honour.
Apparently once the Victorian Trade Halls Council heard of Bacchus’s Marsh plight to preserve the Avenue of Honour, union workers said they would take union action to refuse to work on Woolpack Rd at the site of the proposed new road section.
The Avenue of Honour was recently granted a heritage listing from Heritage Victoria, however VicRoads has said that the works they intend to carry out will actually help to improve and preserve the Avenue.
It is clear that there are still many in the Bacchus Marsh community who don’t want work to take place at the Avenue of Honour. But despite this latest news from the union, something still needs to be done about road traffic and safety in the area, and the Woolpack Road extension seems to be the only viable solution so far.