Recycle Your Old Mobiles

Most of us upgrade our mobile phones at least every 2 years, and for some of us a lot more. In fact Australians buy 3-4 million new phones every year! But what happens to all of those mobile phones once we upgrade to new ones?
Most phones might end up lying around the house, waiting to be used “in case” the current one breaks, or some might become hand-me-downs – but most are predicted to end up in land fills.
There is a better way to dispose of old mobile phones though, and that is by having them recycled. The Foundation of National Parks and Wildlife and the Aussie Recycling Program have teamed up to help stop phones ending up in landfills, where they contribute to pollutants in the environment.
The Aussie Recycling Program is giving the Foundation between $3-5 for every mobile phone donated in a bid to help the environment and encourage phone recycling.
So how do you donate your phones? All you have to do is send it in to the Foundation of National Parks and Wildlife, visit to find out how.