It’s Time to Spring up the Garden

September is here, which means spring is officially upon us again.
When the warm weather hits, many of us get the urge to go outside and into the garden. But what can we do to make our gardens look their best and brightest, especially if we have open homes coming up? Here are some tips to get your garden blossoming for spring: –
  • First things first, get out there and mow the lawns, and prune trees and foliage (don’t forget to prune those pesky little weeds near footpaths and driveways too).
  • If you want a garden that blooms, make sure to feed and water it regularly.
  • Re-pot plants. Spring is the best time to repot plants, as plants generally need re-potting after 2-3 years or when they reach their pot limit. Spring is also generally the best season for pot plants to grow.
  • If you’re lawn is looking a little worse for wear, then now might be the time to lay down some new turf.
  • Plant new plants that are suited to the local area (ask someone at your local gardening shop if you’re unsure).
  • One of the best things for the garden is a thick layer of mulch, so apply liberally.
  • Apart from the garden itself, you may also want to re-paint the fence or give the yard a general clean-up.
I’m sure there are plenty more ideas out there to get our gardens blooming for spring, what are some of yours?