Is it time for a spring clean out?

Sometimes we get a little lazy in the colder months and let household chores sit by the wayside. But as soon as the warmer months start creeping in it’s time to get motivated for the big spring clean.
So where to start? First pick an area of the house to start cleaning. A drawer is often a good place to start before you get into the bigger stuff.
Once you’ve picked your starting area stick to it and don’t get distracted by other areas until you move onto them. Then start sorting your stuff into five separate piles. Label the piles give away, sell, store, throw away and keep.
Try to sort through your stuff as fast as you can, so you can move on quickly to the next task at hand.
Once you have finished sorting give the area a good clean and replace any of the “keep” items back in their place.
Put the “throw-away” items in the bin and the “store” items somewhere safe. As for the rest of the items, get them ready near the door for when you next leave the house, so they don’t hang around the house for too long.
Good luck with your spring cleaning, you home will feel like new again once you’re done!