Can Bacchus Marsh Fit 5000 New Residents?

A lot of locals are excited about the new residential development at West Maddingly, however there are concerns amongst the community that Bacchus Marsh will not have the infrastructure needed to support all of the new residents.
As I mentioned in my blog a few weeks a go, this major new residential development planned for Bacchus Marsh, will bring along with it roughly 5000 new local residents.
This is a massive growth in population and not only is the local community concerned that our small town won’t be able to cope with the extra demand, there are also concerns that our town will lose its rural atmosphere.
However the increased growth could actually be good for the town. Moorabool councilors have reassured local residents that growth on the area will help lead to more local jobs, and more revenue to help Bacchus Marsh prosper.
As for the small town vibe that locals are accustomed to, I don’t think that will go anywhere anytime soon. Bacchus Marsh will always be by the river and the valley, and I think we will always cherish our unique country lifestyle.