Melbourne Full of Million Dollar Properties

According to an article I just read, Melbourne’s million dollar properties are selling at the rate of one every two hours!
In the last few weeks there have been more than 180 sales worth over a million dollars, but this is probably in line with the record number of properties that have been auctioned over the last few weeks as well.
Just remember though, you don’t need to spend over a million dollars to get yourself a property. Whilst property price’s in Melbourne’s CBD have been a little bit out of control of late, if you travel a little out of the city you can find yourself some real bargains!
Where I am in Bacchus Marsh for example, you will find properties that don’t have the million dollar price tag but can offer you much more. You will have more land and scenery, a greater sense of community, and a wonderful lifestyle. In my eyes those things are worth more than a million dollars anyway.