Attention Bacchus Marsh dog owners

Like many Australians, the four legged children of the family are cherished friends and companions. Notice of an outbreak of the deadly parvovirus recently has prompted me to remind and bring attention to Bacchus Marsh dog owners that their furry family pets need to be adequately vaccinated to avoid them contracting the virus.

It was stated in an article I read, that veterinarians in the Ballan/Bacchus Marsh area are treating between two to four cases a week. Symptoms of the virus are unpleasant, including tiredness, loss of appetite, bloody stools and vomiting and generally show between 7 and 10 days of contracting the virus. Being highly infectious, all dogs are susceptible to the disease, but especially pups under a year old.
Prevention is always better than cure, so please ensure your canine companion’s vaccinations are up to date. One of the staff at my Bacchus Marsh real estate office also suggested that if you’re unsure, you can check with your regular vet. If you think your dog may have contracted the virus, seek medical attention for them immediately as early detection and treatment is their best chance of recovery.
To all Bacchus Marsh dog owners, let’s keep our four legged friends safe and ensure our families continue to enjoy their companionship.

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