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As you would be aware, society continues to become more litigation conscious and as a result there has been increased Legal Liability activity within the insurance industry.

To ensure our company has the right indemnity insurance protection, we need information regarding your building and landlord protection insurance cover on properties we manage on your behalf.

It is necessary for each and every property to have public/legal liability cover. Please note that if you have strata title property, the strata insurance may only cover outside the buildings and the common areas. You therefore may need additional legal liability cover for inside your property.

Our insurer has advised that for the protection of our business and your assets, it is imperative that all owners review their current policies to ensure that liability cover is included in their policies. We recommend a minimum of $10,000,000 with $20,000,000 being the optimum amount.

Please ensure you have adequate cover for:

If you do not have adequate Legal Liability cover, we can obtain a quote for you. We can also send further information on the policies we choose to use at your request.

You should have insurance coverage for building, contents (to cover carpet, drapes, blinds, light fittings etc) and public liability insurance with your insurance company. We also recommend that you take out some form of Landlord Insurance.

Landlord Insurance should cover the following:

If you have a Contents policy elsewhere this can normally be cancelled and a refund obtained, as most Landlord Insurance policies cover for landlords contents including carpets, curtains, blinds etc. However please note that YOU MUST STILL HAVE SEPARATE BUILDING INSURANCE COVER FOR THIS BUILDING.

At an annual Tax Deductible premium of between 1 and 2 weeks rent per property, this type of insurance is now regarded as essential protection. We can also arrange for the insurance to come to this office and be paid from the rent collected. By paying this account (and any others) via the rent collected the payment will show on your yearly financial statement that you can provide direct to your accountant.

Please note that not all of the landlord policies on the market are the same and you need to read the policies carefully to ensure that you are going to be covered for all of the above. Some of our landlords have found that when their policy stated accidental damage, this was only coverage for accidental damage caused by the landlord and not the tenant who is actually living in the property. This is an example of one difference in a policy that you may not realize until you go to make a claim and find that you were not covered for that burn or red wine stain the carpet.

We have enclosed further information regarding landlord insurance that will give you more details about the cover. Please contact our property management department if you need to discuss this issue further as the wrong coverage can end up costing you.

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