It might seem like a hassle, but if you’re not happy with your current property manager, you’ve got options. Here’s how simple it can be to migrate your property management service from your current provider to our team at Arbee Real Estate:

1. Contact our office

Get in touch with a member of our team and explain your situation. We’ll be happy to help. We’ll take your details, including info about you, your property, and the firm who currently manage it. We’ll also ask you to sign a managing authority document.

2. We’ll contact your current property manager

We’ll get in touch with your property manager and explain we’re taking over management of the property. We’ll request any and all documentation pertaining to your property and ask that they cease management immediately.

3. We’ll take over your property management

Our team will contact your tenants and let them know we’re now managing the property. If they have any issues, we’ll advise them to get in touch with us instead.