This isn’t a question that can simply be answered in a few paragraphs.  A quick guide to the areas to consider when trying to sell your home for more would be as follows:

Get an experienced agent on your side

Employ an experienced real estate agent who’s a successful negotiator and is going to work hard to get you the most money possible for your property.  Stay away from agents who are willing to drop their fees to win your business. If an agent is willing to give away their own money, they aren’t going to work hard for yours.

Advertise effectively for maximum reach

Promote your property to the widest amount of people possible by marketing your property effectively. A well-planned marketing strategy won’t just ensure large numbers of the public see your listing – a targeted ad will get your listing in front of the right people. This means those who are in the market to buy properties like yours, in your area.

Place a focus on proper presentation

Presenting your home well is the key to boosting the end offer price. Focus on presentation and consider hiring an interior stylist.

Invest time in a great write-up

Ensure you have a great write-up for your property, as this helps create an emotional attachment with potential purchasers.  You can help with this process as you know the property better than anyone else.

You’ll know things like where there is a nice sunny spot to have a coffee in the morning, or times of the day when you enjoy beautiful bird noises. These are all features that appeal to emotion and are essential for making your home stand out from the rest.

Keep your home clean

Purchasers need to be able to imagine themselves living in your home. Removing excessive furniture, knick-knacks and personal photos can help achieve this.

Maintain your garden

Tidy the garden area by removing weeds, mowing lawns and trimmings trees.

Other potential works can be discussed with your property professional from Arbee Real Estate.

Sometimes, there are works that can be carried out that would significantly increase your property value. We’ll be happy to point any areas for improvement out during your Arbee Real Estate home