Regardless of market heat, property sales can take a long time. For this reason, finding the right agent is essential.

Find an agent willing to listen

Property sales can be stressful, especially if you don’t have the right support in place.  You need a professional who is going to work ‘with you’ throughout the process and act in a consultative manner, rather than ‘telling’ you what is going to happen. This being said, real estate agents know what they’re doing. Although they’re working for you, it’s wise to listen to their advice and take it on-board.

Local expertise is a huge advantage

A local agent will be of great benefit as they will know the area intimately, the pros & cons of particular pockets and have an abundance of local contacts they can draw upon to get instant interest in your property.

Marketing knowledge can add thousands on your offer price

Find a professional who’ll be flexible with the way in which you market your property, as well as flexible to change if a particular strategy is not working.

The interesting thing with property is it doesn’t come with a recommended retail price.

What this means is the agent can have a significant impact on the price that’s achieved for your home.  There are many examples of similar houses selling in the same street for vastly different amounts of money.

This will largely be down to the marketing of the property and the negotiation skills of your agent.  In fact, it’s common to see owners save $1,000s on commission but cost themselves tens of thousands of dollars on the sale price of their home simply by choosing the wrong agent.

Ask for clear timelines for deliverables

Ask your agent for a list of the services to be included and timelines for what you’ll receive.  Also, discuss the level of service that you would like to receive.  Some vendors like to be spoken to multiple times per week, others would prefer only once per week, others like contact via SMS or Email updates. It’s your property sale, so the choice is yours.