Thinking of selling? Why it’s better to get in before Christmas

flowersThere’s no denying that spring is a popular time to sell. Over the last few weeks there has been plenty of active buyers and sellers in the market and if you’re thinking of jumping on board too then you’ll need to get in quick, particularly if you want to sell.

The thing that many sellers don’t realise is that it can take considerable time before a property is ready to present to the market.

Weeks can pass by the time you decide on an agent and the right way to market the property. You also need to factor in any time needed to spruce the property up and have it looking its best for photos and open homes.

So if you were hoping for a spring sale and you’re only just starting to contemplate selling then you’ll need to get a move on.

There are still a couple more months to take advantage of the spring market. Those who decide to list now should have enough time up their sleeves to do so, but if you choose to wait much longer you’ll be faced with the decision over whether to sell over Christmas or wait until January or February.

December isn’t necessarily the worst time of year to sell, but it can be a time when a lot of buyers take a break from the market and go away to enjoy their holidays.

While the property market never completely stops, it does tend to slow down in December and early January.

Those who decide to sell at this time of year need to be mindful of the need for a quick sale. Properties that hang around after Christmas might be regarded as old stock and will find it hard to stand up against newly listed properties.

If you would like to sell soon then it’s best to start putting the wheels in motion now. Some may decide to wait until next year but a lot can happen by then. There may be different market sentiment come February 2017, which could be influenced by a change in interest rates among many other things.

Every property and market will vary slightly in the demand it attracts at different times of year though, so if you would like to chat about your property and the best time to put it on the market then feel free to contact Arbee Real Estate.