How to know if a property is right for you

house keyCommon things on a homebuyer’s checklist include having a certain number of bedrooms, space for the kids to run around and close proximity to work.

Yet sometimes people visit homes that don’t tick all the boxes and they still fall in love at first sight. Or conversely, there’s a house that makes logical sense but it just doesn’t win your heart.

So, which property do you go for and how do you ever really know if you’re making the right property choice?

Don’t expect perfection

It’s always worth keeping in mind that there’s no such thing as a perfect property. All homebuyers need to compromise in some way or another, whether it’s over the property itself or where it’s located. Just remember that you can change a property after you move in (and make it perfect for you), but you can’t change it’s location.

Don’t get too hung up on land size

Having a certain amount of land is very important for a lot of buyers, but not all blocks are created equal. Sometimes a smaller block has more useable land; either because of the way the building sits on the property or due to a slope or shape of the land. You often need to visit a property to get a real feel for the space and whether or not it can be fully utilised. Sometimes smaller blocks can actually feel more spacious than larger ones.

Ignore things you can easily change

Don’t like the carpet or the colour of the tiles in the kitchen? If there’s some small aspects of the property you’re not fond of this can actually be a good thing because chances are other buyers may not like them either, and you might be able to snap up a bargain. Try to see past finishes and paint colours and ask yourself if the property meets your needs in other ways. It should also be noted that most properties look drastically different when the new owner’s furniture moves in.

Choose somewhere that makes you feel good

You should try to be as rational as you can when buying an asset as big as a house, but it’s worth keeping in mind that you’re also buying a lifestyle so you ultimately want to buy somewhere that will make you happy.

Find a neighbourhood you like, decide on your non-negotiables and go from there. It can take some time to find the property that is right for you, but if you persevere you’re bound to find somewhere you’ll fall in love with.