Green waste service one step closer

green wasteMoorabool residents won’t need to wait too much longer until we get a green kerbside waste collection service in the area.

The Moorabool Council has awarded KG Coy & Sons the contract for the collection and will be responsible for the removal and disposal of green waste.

The green waste collection service will be non-compulsory, however local residents will be encouraged to take it up to help reduce the amount of waste the ends up in landfill and help the region take a step towards reducing our environmental impact.

A large amount of green waste ends up in general waste bins, when this could instead be diverted elsewhere and used for landscaping or other agricultural purposes.

The service will be provided to urban areas of the Shire initially, on a trial basis, and commence in January of next year

Residents that are eligible for the new service will be notified in late October with details on how an application for a collection can be made.

The cost of the service will be approximately $80-$100 a year, depending on take-up rates, plus the cost of a new bin. The cost will be applied to the Annual Rate and Valuation Notice.

We’re sure that many in the area will be excited about having the option to have a green waste bin. It not only frees up space in the general waste bin, but also makes it much easier to do gardening and quickly dispose of waste such as grass clippings, leaves, weeds and small branches.