Avoid getting swooped this magpie season

birdsThere are plenty of things to love about being in Bacchus Marsh in spring, but getting swooped by local magpies certainly isn’t one of them.

As magpie season returns, local residents are being reminded to be extra cautious when going for walks or riding their bike and to try to avoid areas where there are known to have been swooping attacks.

Magpie attacks can be extremely frightening and can cause serious injuries so it’s best if people can avoid known swooping locations as much as possible.

The best way to avoid magpie hotspots is to find out where they are.

There are two popular sites where magpie swooping is recorded:

  • Victorias Magpie Map – http://www.delwp.vic.gov.au/environment-and-wildlife/wildlife/swooping-birds
  • Magpie Alert – http://www.magpiealert.com/

It’s worth checking out both websites to see where people have been swooped in Bacchus Marsh, and if you get swooped then make sure that you report it so that others know to avoid the area.

Magpies are generally active between September and January and while they may be hard to avoid entirely, walkers and cyclists can try protecting themselves by wearing protective headwear and sunglasses to protect eyes.

Whatever you do, don’t try to attack the birds back or destroy their nests. This will only lead to them feeling more threatened and is likely to increase and prolong their swooping behaviour.