Who said renovations were hard? Easy ways to spruce up your home in time for spring

flowersSpring is just around the corner and for many that means it’s time to get our homes in order (or perhaps ready for a spring sale).

A lot of people make the effort to clean out their homes in spring but think that renovating is too much hard work, but there’s a lot of things that people can do that take minimal effort and expense and yet can have a dramatic impact on the look and feel of a home.

In fact, if you make just a few small changes around the home you could potentially make it feel like new again, and possibly add significant value to its sale price too.

If you’re thinking about selling, it helps to chat to a real estate before making any changes to your property so you can get expert advice on where you should put in the work to get maximum sale results.

But, here are some easy renovating ideas that are likely to help spruce up any household: 

  1. Paint – It may seem obvious, but the easiest way to update a home is to add a fresh coat of paint, both inside and out. Make sure to choose fresh, neutral colours if you’re thinking about selling. Ask your local paint supplier for advice, but consider things like lighting in the room, condition of the walls and colours of nearby properties before deciding on a particular paint. 
  1. Resurface the bathroom and kitchen – Kitchens and bathrooms are the main rooms of a house and often the ones that can benefit the most from a refresh. Resurfacing is pretty much like painting over things like cupboards and vanities, however while a novice can do it, it’s best left to the experts if you want quality results.
  1. Get yourself a pressure washer – Whether you rent or buy one of these gems, you’ll be surprised at the difference it can make to your home’s exterior. Use it on places like your exterior walls, driveways and paths and watch as all that dirt and grime that has built up over the years gets washed away. 
  1. Replace kitchen appliances – Old appliances can be dodgy and might make it harder for you to cook up your favourites cuisines every night. Don’t live in the past when you can buy appliances like new stoves and range hoods fairly cheaply and make your kitchen look instantly better too. 
  1. Find some new handles – Whether it’s for doors, cupboards or draws, handles are a surprisingly easy way to modernise an older home. Try to make your choices consistent throughout the house and match them into the character or heritage of the home.
  1. Change light switches electrical outlets – When your switches and power points start going yellow, or haven’t been replaced since the 70s, it’s time to get some new ones. Basic switches are cheap and easy to find from hardware stores, but you should get an electrician to come in and change them for you. 
  1. Change lights and fans – Bring your home into the 21st century by getting modern lights and fans installed throughout. A lot of homeowners don’t notice their lights or fans after awhile, but they can be eyesores to those looking at a house for the first time. You don’t need to opt for anything fancy, sometimes plain and simple is best, just think about how much lighting a room needs and whether softer or brighter lights are more practical.
  1. Get new window treatments – Have mismatched curtains in the house? Or ones that are stained and old? If it’s time to replace them then make sure to consider the lighting or privacy needed in the room, and also try to keep them uniform throughout the house. 
  1. Add some greenery – People love a fresh, clean lawn in spring. If yours is looking worse for wear, head to a landscape supplier and arrange to have turf delivered. This will instantly lift your outdoor spaces. 
  1. Spice up your entrance – Create a positive impression of your property by focusing a little but of attention on the entrance. Sometimes small things like pot plants or a doormat can create a nice welcome for visitors. 

If you’re after more tips to help you sell your home this spring then get in touch with the Arbee Real Estate team.