Battle of Fromelles to be remembered at Bacchus Marsh RSL

Anzac DayReturned service men and women in Bacchus Marsh will be marking the centenary of the Battle of Fromelles at the Bacchus Marsh RSL tomorrow.

A commemoration service will be held at the RSL from 11am tomorrow, July 16, to remember and pay respects to the thousands of soldiers killed and wounded in one of Australia’s deadliest conflicts.

The Battle of Fromelles, which took place during World War I, was the first major conflict fought by Australian troops on the Western Front.

It was a disastrous event that was intended to draw out German troops but resulted in heavy casualties.

More than 5000 Australian and 1500 British soldiers died in just 24 hours on July 19, 1916. They suffered heavily from the hands of German troops, which casualties were little more than 1000.

It was a tragic event that will never be forgotten.

Services will be held all throughout the country, including a live broadcast on the ABC.

A light lunch will be provided at the service at the Bacchus Marsh RSL.