Is it worth using a professional home staging service?

flowers-819361_1280In a word, “yes”. There’s no question that using a professional home staging service will help your property get an edge over the competition.

What is home staging? 

Home staging is when a professional property stylist is used to style and/or furnish your home so it presents better for sale.

A common misconception is that home staging is reserved for high-end real estate, however that’s certainly not the case.

There are a number of different services and price levels available starting from simple consultations to being able to arrange furniture for anything from one room to an entire house. 

Why should you use home staging?

When you sell your home you want to help buyers connect with it and see how they might want to live there.

Having a professionally styled home basically helps buyers fall in love with the home and picture how they would want to live there, which in turn helps the home sell quickly and for more.

A professionally styled home also looks better in property photographs, which is often the first impression prospective buyers will have of a property.

Having the right furniture placement can also help for tricky spaces, as it buyers visualise how to use the space. For example, some buyers might comment that they don’t know where to put a dining table or a second living area, but a stylist can help demonstrate how this can be done in unexpected ways.

Sometimes it’s hard to imagine how styling could benefit your property so we recommend talking to your Arbee Real Estate agent and getting them to show you the difference between a styled and an un-styled home and how a styling service might be able to benefit you and help your home sell for more.