4 tips for selling a unique property

houseA lot of homeowners like to inject their own personality in a home, however it can be difficult to sell a property that is vastly different from others in the same neighbourhood.

Properties that are particularly unique can be hard to find buyers for because they might only be suited to one person’s particular tastes or needs.

However, if you have a property that is unique for whatever reason, don’t be too concerned just yet. There are many ways to help broaden a property’s appeal and help it sell but you might use slightly different selling tactics to standard homes in the area.

1. Consider the buyer

Have a chat to your real estate agent about the kinds of buyers that are likely to be interested in your property. If you want your home to sell then it’s important to target the right buyer group from the start.

For instance, you might have a home that is more suited to a commercial opportunity because it’s located on a main road or has space more suited to a business. In this case you would be better off marketing to businesses and or even developers over residential families. Similarly, if you have a luxury residence than it’s unlikely that you would be targeting the property to first homebuyers.

Your real estate agent will be worth their weight in gold here and help you figure out who will be interested in buying a home like yours, so you don’t waste your time reaching out to the wrong group of people.

2. Give your home a story

Try to find a story that resonates with buyers. Perhaps it has an interesting history, unique architecture, or standout features that make it more desirable than other homes in the neighbourhood. Think about what will resonate with buyers and let them discover the interesting things about your home that attracted you to it as well.

3. Take away some personality

Sometimes it’s the décor injecting all of the personality, and not the house itself. If the colour choices or furniture in the house is too dramatic, it can be hard for prospective buyers to look past. In these cases it could be worth toning down the interior style by changing the furniture or repainting the house in more broadly appealing colours.

4. Capture the best angles

Make sure you get good photos that show off all the best angles of the property and help the buyer imagine what it would be like to live there (or perhaps run their business from there).

Combined with the story of the home, the right marketing and photos can help give buyers a clear idea of what a property has to offer and what they can expect from living there.

Sometimes buyers can’t see the potential in a place, so you need to show it to them and give them a reason to get excited about a property.

Every property can be sold, no matter how unique it is. Take on the advice of your agent and you will find a buyer that is looking for a home that is just like yours.

If you have a unique property and you would like any advice about selling then feel free to get in touch with the Arbee Real Estate team.