Thinking about moving to Bacchus Marsh?

Dream-HomeWith Melbourne property prices seeing some of the strongest growth around the country, it’s not surprising to see that many city-dwellers are considering selling up and using their purchasing power to move to middle- and outer-ring suburbs where they will have money to spare.

The median house price in Melbourne is currently sitting at around $1.36 million according to RPData, whereas in Bacchus Marsh you could buy about 3 houses for that price and they’re likely to be much bigger and better properties than what you could find in the inner-city.

However, even if you own a home in Melbourne that you don’t expect will fetch a million dollar price tag, with the median price for a house in Bacchus Marsh being just $348,000, many Melbournites would be able to afford to sell their home in the city and buy in Bacchus Marsh with plenty of cash left over.

Despite the attractive costs to live in Bacchus Marsh though, making a move to a new area is a big decision to make and there are other things you might need to consider such as transport options, job proximity and schools. However, with Bacchus Marsh being less than an hour away from the centre of Melbourne and on the Ballarat train line, there are many living in the area that are still able to commute to the city with ease everyday.

Another thing worth considering when making a move to a new area is that it is a different property market to consider than the one you might be used to, so it’s important that you research the area and think about things like whether you want to live near the centre of town or would prefer to live further out on a large acreage property. You may also like to read some of the articles on our website to get a better idea of what it’s like living in the Bacchus Marsh region.

If you’re interested in making a the move to Bacchus Marsh, whether it’s from Melbourne or anywhere else then feel free to get in touch with us at Arbee Real Estate or browse our properties for sale.