Are these homebuyer deterrents all that bad?

Modern KitchenIt’s hard finding the perfect home, but there are certain things that will make buyers run a mile without a second thought. However, before you discount a property entirely, it’s worth asking if that problem you’re worried about is really as bad as you imagine. 

A noisy neighbourhood

A lot of people want their home to be a quiet oasis, but that’s not always possible in certain areas. Traffic, train or aircraft noise can be an issue, but there are ways that you can help keep the peace inside your home, even when it’s noisy on the outside. One effective solution is double or even triple glazing, which will block out most noises. Other sound barriers include fences, walls and plants – anything that can help create a barrier.

Another method is to create a white noise in the background, with water features being a popular choice for making it feel a little more quiet and calm outside. Most people find however that it doesn’t matter what noises they have around their homes because they don’t end up noticing them over time. 

Living next to an apartment block

As our capital city’s population grows, houses located next door to apartment blocks are becoming increasingly common and extremely hard to avoid in high-density neighbourhoods. Not every buyer is going to be deterred by having apartments next door, but they might have questions about privacy, natural light and noise.

If you’re considering a house next to an apartment block then ask if you can solve these issues through clever design. Often plants and screens can provide a source of privacy out the back, and also help filter out noise. If light is a concern, you can bring natural light into your home through skylights.

Also keep in mind that as more units are built in your neighbourhood, a house becomes an increasingly rare commodity, which can actually help increase its value.

Poor curb appeal

If you’re interested in a property, but put off by its street presence, then don’t write it off just ye. Sometimes you need to look past a property’s exterior to find its charm.

There are plenty of ways to improve a home’s appearance and they’re not necessarily expensive either. A fresh coast of paint can do wonders, as can new window treatments or a new front door. Sometimes it’s the landscaping that is the issue, so try to imagine the property with some big trees out the front, or a new front fence.

Strange smells

There’s possibly nothing more off-putting than a strange smell when you walk into a home, but you need to ask where that smell is coming from and whether or not it’s the sign of a problem or something as simple as the owners forgetting to take the trash out.

Pet and smoke smells are often the biggest deterrents, but these can be removed once you move in, often with a good clean of the walls and floors. Obviously however, mouldy smells are another issue and may be the sign of a bigger problem that needs to be addressed.

If you’re thinking about buying but there has been something putting you off then it’s best to ask yourself whether it’s something you can change after you buy, or whether it’s really going to have a big impact on your enjoyment of the property.

For sellers, it’s important to be aware of what can be a deterrent for a potential buyer and speak to an agent about how to address any issues.

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