Why more and more Australians are building granny flats

houseMuch of Australia has been experiencing a granny flat boom of late and it’s not just because more people are inviting their grandparents to live with them.

Granny flats are becoming more and more prevalent for a variety of reasons, with both owner-occupiers and investors deciding to make the addition to their properties.

A granny flat can add value to a home; provide extra living space, and in some states it can provide additional rental income too.

Of course, granny flats can also be used for their traditional purpose to accommodate grandparents or other members of the family, with the younger generation possibly becoming one of the main inhabitants of the modern-day granny flat.

With the increasing cost of living and many young people staying home longer, a lot of parents are building granny flats for their kids to live in so they can have their own independence away from the main household.

But if you’re thinking about building a granny flat, you should carry out a little bit of research first and check with your property is suitable for an extra dwelling.

There are regulations around construction and who can occupy the extra dwelling so you need to check what rules apply to your property with the local council.

You also need to consider what a granny flat could do to the resale value of your property. While it might seem like a good idea to have the extra living space, some people might prefer to have more backyard space, or it might make more sense to add an extension to the existing property rather than a new dwelling.

Seek out advice first and talk to local builders and the local council to find out what the best options for your and your property.