What you need to know about selling in autumn

AutumnThere are plenty of reasons why autumn is a great time to sell property, however if you’re thinking about selling at this time of year then there are a few things worth knowing if you want to sell your property for the best price possible.

  • People tend to fall in live with autumn gardens, so make sure yours is up to scratch if you want to impress buyers. Don’t forget pay attention to sweeping up those fallen autumn leaves because while they might look nice at first, they can look unsightly over time.
  • There is a lot of public holidays in autumn, including Easter and ANZAC Day, so discuss with your real estate agent whether these are good times for open homes, or whether it’s best to start your marketing campaign once the holidays are over.
  • Another big event that happens in autumn is the changing of the clocks when daylight savings ends on April 3. Make sure that if you plan any inspections on this day that you have confirmed the correct time so there’s no confusion.
  • When presenting your home, consider adding warm autumn colours to attract buyer’s attention. When it starts getting colder, you should also highlight any warm features of the homes such as fireplaces or heaters.

Golden gardens and temperate weather can make for a great time to sell. If you would like any more advice about selling in the autumn months then get in touch with us at Arbee Real Estate.