The top 5 most wanted home improvements

tool-beltWhat improvements would you most like to make to your home? Would it be a new pool, or perhaps a new deck out the back?

Comparison website have asked a group of Australians this very question and it turns out that the most wanted home improvement is air-conditioning.

Almost two thirds (65 per cent) of the survey’s 1,043 respondents picked air-conditioning as their most desirable home improvement.

But air-conditioning isn’t the only feature on the most desirable home feature list. A carport or garage also rate highly at 60 per cent, followed by a backyard (52 per cent), solar panels (33 per cent) and an outdoor entertaining area (24 per cent).

We’re sure that many homeowners in Bacchus Marsh will agree with the list, but does that mean that you should invest in these home features if you haven’t got them already?

If you want to add new features to help improve your home’s value then’s findings might be helpful, however you need to be careful not to overcapitalise.

Often the best improvements you can make to your home before selling are those that help improve its presentation, such as new floors and paint work, or a new kitchen or bathroom.

While many buyers are looking for air-conditioned homes in summer, it’s normally not a deal breaker. When people are looking to make a purchase as big as a house, spending a little bit more to install air-conditioning generally isn’t a big issue.

If you’re thinking about adding new home features to your home to help improve it’s sale price then we recommend talking to your local real estate agent first.

Our Arbee Real Estate team can help advise you on what buyers are looking for in the local area and make recommendations based on what is likely to help YOUR property sell.

The top 5 most desirable home improvements, according to

  1. Air conditioning (65 per cent)
  2. Carport / garage (60 per cent)
  3. Garden / backyard (52 per cent)
  4. Solar panels (33 per cent)
  5. Deck / pergola (24 per cent)