Have your say on Bacchus Marsh Housing Strategy

houseThe Bacchus Marsh community is being invited to share their voice in the development of a Housing Strategy for Bacchus Marsh.

The Housing Strategy will be used to help guide future housing density, identify potential infill and new housing areas and assist with building upon the character of the Bacchus Marsh area.

Developing the Housing Strategy is important for the future of Bacchus Marsh. Our region is forecast to grow from the current population of 18 585, to 30 519 residents by 2041.

To accommodate the increase in population, dwelling numbers in the Bacchus Marsh area will need to more than double, with 6 540 new homes to be built.

The forecasts also show that as family sizes will continue to get smaller they may require smaller dwellings and or different types of housing than that is currently available.

The Council’s objectives for the Housing Strategy include:

  • Providing an integrated body of work which captures the key aspects of housing supply and demand for Bacchus Marsh.
  • Identifying housing stock diversity targets and how these targets can be achieved.
  • Developing a clear direction and policy to enable orderly growth, managed change and the retention of key elements of neighbourhood character.
  • Developing a strategy for residential growth that considers the specific pressures for housing in Bacchus Marsh and the desire to support investment into, and access to, key activity centres throughout the settlement.
  • Providing a basis for Moorabool Shire Council to develop a clear vision on housing issues across Bacchus Marsh and to:
    • Update the planning scheme as appropriate to reflect the vision and strategic directions – zones, schedules, overlays; and
    • Have a clear perspective on the likely issues of ageing, affordability and emergency care needs.

To have your say, visit http://haveyoursaymoorabool.com.au/ and leave your comments. Consultation closes on 21 March 2016.