Why local businesses need our support

cappuccinoWhen you were doing your Christmas shopping last year, were you shopping at local businesses and markets?

A lot of local businesses have been suffering this summer due to people preferring to head to large, air-conditioned shopping centres over their local stores.

While we completely understand that people want to escape the heat, it’s important that we don’t forget about our fantastic local stores, because if we don’t support them then we don’t get to keep them.

There are small local businesses in Bacchus Marsh, Darley, Ballan and Gordon that are open now and have lots on offer for everyone to enjoy. If you know of a great local business then share it with your friends and family and get the word out.

Keep in mind that every time you support a local business you are also helping support our community at large. Every dollar spent at a local business returns many times that amount to the local economy through things like employee wages, rates and the purchase of goods and materials.

We all need to support our community now more than ever, so head out to our local markets, events and stores and support the people that help support our community!