The great Australian dream of home ownership

Dream-HomeThe dream of home ownership is still alive and well for many Australians, but is it as attainable as it used to be?

In years past, many Australians pictured themselves living on a big block with a big house to fit a large family; however with the rising cost of property in the country the dream we once knew might be changing.

People still want to own their own home, however are often willing to think outside the square and aren’t necessarily looking for a large family home.

Family dynamics are changing and not everyone is looking for room for the kids to run around. Singles, couples and young families aren’t necessarily concerned with space and some would prefer to live close to amenities and transport as opposed to having a backyard. After all, who needs a backyard when you have great local parks around the corner or you can walk down the road to visit your favourite café?

Of course, the large house and big block is still a dream for some, but it’s a lot harder, if not impossible, to find in inner-city neighbourhoods.

But with improved transport, and many people having the ability to work from home, living close to the city isn’t as important as it used to be. Homebuyers looking for a large family home can still find one if they look at middle- and outer-ring suburbs.

While housing affordability might be an issue no matter what block size or housing type you choose, many young Australians are working hard to break into the market, whether that means saving money by living with their parents for longer or choosing a small investment property before buying their dream home.

All in all, Australians still have the opportunity to make the great Australian dream a reality; it might just be a slightly different picture than what it used to be.

What do you think? Is home ownership still the great Australian dream? If it’s your dream then check out our properties for sale on our website, you might find your new home.