Beat the February property rush

houseThe year may have just gotten underway, but if you want to miss the property rush that is set to begin over the coming weeks then you better make your property moves quickly.

It’s no secret that the property market slows down in December and early January, with many buyers, sellers and renters choosing to hold off until after their holidays are over to move homes. But the property market normally picks up from Australia Day onwards when a lot of people need to move for jobs, or to start studies for the year, and many leave it until the last minute.

So if you want to miss the rush of buyers, sellers and renters then you only have a few more weeks to do so.

There can be are a lot of advantages to buying and selling when the market is slower. For sellers, your property is likely to get more attention, as buyers will have fewer alternatives available to them.

At this time of year there are also buyers very eager to make a quick decision on a home so they can settle in before the school year starts, so you might find a lot of buyers are very eager for a fast real estate transaction.

But there can be positives for all the buyers out there too. A lot of people tend to start looking for a new home in January, but many might still be in the early stages of the buying journey and need to organise finances or sell first before they can make an offer. If you’re organised and ready to make a move on a property right away then you have a good chance of beating out your competition and securing the property you want.

For renters, you should also consider looking to find a new home now. The rental market often gets quite busy, particularly in areas close to universities or public transport, towards the end of January. If you want to avoid disappointment or stress then the sooner you start looking for a rental home the better.

If you’re looking to sell, buy or rent this year and would like any assistance then don’t hesitate to get in touch with the team at Arbee Real Estate.