Must-do home maintenance tasks for the holidays

fenceA lot of Bacchus Marsh residents will be clocking out and beginning their holidays in the coming weeks (or if you’re lucky maybe yours have already begun) and that means that you’ll probably have a little extra time up your sleeve.

While you probably don’t want to spend all of your holidays doing work around the house, if you have spare time then it could be worth doing all of those niggly tasks you’ve been putting off all year long. By doing a little bit of home maintenance you’ll keep your home in top condition and possibly save yourself from doing more work down the track, plus you’ll be able to sit back and truly relax once you’ve finished.

1. Air-conditioning tune-up  – You might think your air-conditioner is working just fine, but if it’s not regularly maintained then it could be full of things like dust or algae that make your air con work overtime and ultimately could result in it breaking down. Get regular professional checks and cleans to keep your air con working hard all summer long.

2. Re-paint/pressure wash the exterior – The outside of your house needs to stand up to some pretty tough elements throughout the year and it’s no surprise that it can end up looking a little weathered over time. Depending on the materials of your house or where you live, you might need to repaint every few years. If your paint is still in good condition, or you have a brick home, then your home’s exterior might benefit from a pressure clean instead.

3. Pool maintenance – You should be making the time to do some pool maintenance before swimming season begins. If you haven’t already, clean your pool out, balance your chemicals and make sure your pumps are all in working order.

4. Garden tidy-up – Your garden can get out of control in the summer months if you let it. You might need to dedicate at least a day to mowing the lawn, pruning trees, getting rid of weeds and clearing footpaths and driveways.

5. Decking maintenance – Check your deck for any signs of rotting and hammer in any nails that are poking out. Your deck may also need a new coat of water-based oil, which will help protect it from the elements and keep it looking great.

What home maintenance tasks will you be doing these holidays?