How to keep cool in Bacchus Marsh this weekend

fanA Heat Health Alert has been issued for tomorrow, Saturday 19 December, which means that we all need to make the effort to stay cool.

The Moorabool Council will be opening two cooling centres tomorrow, they’ll be located at:

  • BALLAN – The Ballan Senior Citizens Centre, Steiglitz Street, Ballan – open from 10am to 6pm.
  • BACCHUS MARSH – The Quamby Room, Bennett Street, Bacchus Marsh – open from 10am to 6pm. 

If you can’t make it to the centres then do what you can do remain cool.  Such as:

  • Close windows and curtains, and of course, use air conditioning if you have it.  Use it effectively by closing off the rooms that aren’t in use, and try to avoid opening and closing the doors.
  • If your house struggles to stay cool despite all your best efforts, make your way to the nearest air-conditioned shops, library, cooling centre or indoor pool.
  • Limit your physical activity and stay well hydrated.  If your job requires you to be active, drink more than the recommended 2 litres per day to compensate for the heat.
  • Cool the kids down by running a tepid bath, or use wet towels on their neck and arms (and yours too).
  • Don’t forget your pets.  Imagine being outside on a hot day while wearing a fur coat.  Make sure they have plenty of water, a shady place to relax, and (if they like it) give them a spray with the hose from time to time.

There are very serious health issues associated with hot weather, when the body isn’t able to maintain a healthy temperature.  If you are experiencing any symptoms, such as dizziness, fainting, exhaustion or heat stroke, we urge you to seek medical assistance immediately.  Please also remember to check in with elderly friends, neighbours and relatives, and also those in remote areas.

If you require further information about the extreme heat or the cooling centres, please contact the council on 5366 7100.