Could changes to your home be as good as a holiday?

Bedroom - MainWhile some of us are currently enjoying a well deserved few weeks off right now, others are lucky if they get a day or two’s rest between catching up with family and friends.

While we can’t all travel away on holidays every year, perhaps the saying “a change is as good as a holiday” can ring true.

So if you can’t make it to an exotic beach location this year, then why not make changes at your home so it feels like your favourite holiday destination?

Here are some ideas for inspiration:

Create a calming outdoor space – Some of the best holidays are the ones spent lounging outside with a cocktail in one hand and a good book in the other. Try creating a relaxing escape in your backyard by placing some cushions outside or by hanging up a hammock that you can spend a lazy afternoon in.

Bring some zen to your bathroom – Who doesn’t like that serene feeling you get when you visit a resort spa? While we can’t make a visit to the spa everyday, we can make our bathroom feel more like one by removing clutter and adding some plants. A bathrobe hanging by the door may also help give you that spa feeling.

Indulge in new bed linen – For some reason hotel sheets always seem to feel extra clean and fresh. You can make your bedroom feel like a hotel room too by splashing out on a luxurious new set of bed sheets and covers. Right now is an ideal time to invest in bed linen as many shops are offering great discounts as part of Boxing Day/New Year sales.

Replace worn-out furniture – Your environment has a huge effect on your everyday mood, so why not create the environment you want in your home by updating the furniture you no longer like? Worn out furniture can make your home feel old and dated and will undermine the great qualities of your house.

Discover fun activities on your doorstep – One of the reasons we have such a great time on holidays is because we are seeing new things and breaking up our regular routine, but have you ever thought about what is on offer in the Bacchus Marsh region? A lot of people take our local attractions for granted but they can be just as much fun to discover as any other destination. So why not use your weekends to start ticking a few local landmarks off of your bucket list?