Should you sell your home over the holidays?

Christmas TreeIt’s just 5 weeks until Christmas, and while many of us will be busy preparing for the holidays, many homeowners will be wondering if now if the right time to put their property on the market.

To answer simply – there is no right or wrong time of year to sell except when it suits you!

People need to find new homes all year round, and in many cases the holiday season can see more buyer action, as people tend to have more time off and are looking to secure a property before the kids have to settle into the new school year.

Another advantage from selling during the holiday period is that there’s likely to be less selling competition, as many people will hold off to sell until after the New Year, meaning that there will be more buyers vying to get your home.

A few tips for those selling over the festive season:

  • As you would at any other time of year, make sure that you present your home at its absolute best.
  • Ask yourself if there are particular property features that are more appealing in summer, i.e. air conditioning, outdoor entertaining areas and swimming pools. If your property has these features then show them off during open homes.
  • By all means put up small festive decorations such as a tree or wreath, but try not to go overboard. Too many decorations can be a little distracting for buyers and may make a property look cluttered.
  • Last but not least, ask your Professionals Real Estate agent for advice specific to your property.

Are you planning to sell your property over the holidays? If so then feel free to call us at Arbee Real Estate for a chat about the best time to sell and market your home.