Would you like to see a greenwaste and hardwaste collection in Bacchus Marsh?

green wasteThe Moorabool Shire Council is currently investigating whether or not to implement a greenwaste and/or hardwaste collection service in the region and they are asking for community input.

The following waste services are currently provided to the Moorabool community:

  • Kerbside/roadside garbage collection
  • Kerbside/roadside recycling collection
  • Provision and collection of street and reserve litter bins
  • Management of three
  • Transfer Stations (Bacchus Marsh, Ballan and Mount Egerton)
  • Street cleaning services (including street sweeping)
  • Management of illegally dumped rubbish

According to the council, approximately 12,250 households, businesses and groups receive a garbage and recycling collection, however the option of providing a roadside greenwaste or hardwaste collection is not currently part of council’s services – however that could change.

Local residents are currently being asked to complete a survey at http://haveyoursaymoorabool.com.au/ to help the council decide whether or not a greenwaste or hardwaste collection should be offered in the region.

On average, 44% of the waste placed in garbage bins is made up of garden and food organics. Organic waste material is harmful to the environment as when it breaks down it produces methane emissions. By introducing the proposed greenwaste collection system, organic waste will be converted into valuable compost, which will not only reduce landfill, but also reduce these harmful methane emissions.

Hardwaste, such as furniture, ,electricals, scrap metal and other large items that can be recycled, also takes up a large amount of landfill when it doesn’t need to.

If you would like to have a say then head to http://haveyoursaymoorabool.com.au/ or our the Moorabool Council website at


Surveys need to be returned to the council by Friday, 9 October 2015.

What do you think? Would you like to see a greenwaste or hardwaste collection service introduced in the region?