How to have the coolest house in Bacchus Marsh this summer

fanIf your home didn’t hold up well to last summer’s heat then now is the time to start asking yourself what you can do to help keep it cool this year.

Air-conditioning is the obvious choice when it comes to cooling the house, however it’s not the only home cooling option. There are a quite a few other cooling methods that can keep the temperature down without increasing your electricity bill.

Shades and awnings are a popular home addition that can help keep those harsh sun rays from getting into the house, and help spruce up your property’s exterior appearance too.

Ceiling and wall insulation is another home cooling option that is beneficial all-year round as it keeps the heat inside in winter and blocks it out in summer. Planting trees and shrubs around your home can also provide a similar effect.

Another popular option is ceiling and portable fans. While these will increase your home energy bill, they will use far less power than a typical air-conditioning unit. Portable fans are also a great option for renters as they don’t need to be installed and you can take them with you when you leave.

If you want to cool down while you’re outdoors then providing shade is important, but you can also try using outdoor misting fans, which utilise evaporative cooling technology to reduce air temperature. These are a great option if you plan on outdoor entertaining this summer.

Hopefully everyone in the Bacchus Marsh area will be able to keep their homes cool this summer, and for those days when the heat gets too much to handle you could always head out and take a dip at your local swimming pool or visit your favourite shopping centre.

How do you think your Bacchus Marsh home will stand up to the heat this summer?