7 tips to help keep your home clean while selling

spring cleanHas anyone else made the mad rush to clean their house in anticipation of friends coming over? Or done that last minute clean up before a potential homebuyer makes an impromptu visit?

When we’re busy during the week it can be hard to keep up with cleaning tasks, but if you do a little bit of cleaning everyday you can make sure your home is always ready for any unexpected drop-ins.

1. Take shoes off before entering the house – Shoes can bring in unwanted dirt and grass from outside and leave a big mess that needs to be cleaned up later. To prevent dirty shoes from making their way inside try encouraging your family and guests to take off their shoes before they get through the front door. A shoe rack outside or a little sign out the front can also act as a friendly reminder.

2. Make the bed in the morning – Accomplish your first task of the day in the early hours by making your bed as soon as you get out of it. Studies have shown that making the bed helps get you on the right foot for the rest of the day, plus your room will instantly feel fresher and much more pleasant to be in.

3. Squeegee the shower – It might seem over-the-top, but it doesn’t take long for water spots and bathroom grime to build up on glass shower walls. A quick 20-second squeegee is all you need to do each day after your shower to help keep the glass clear and clean.

4. Wipe down tables and countertops  – Most people do this in the kitchen anyway, but it’s also worth a quick daily walk around the house to wipe up any dirt, dust or spills found on your tables and/or benches. You might also like to keep disposable wipes in the house for those times when you need to quickly run around and clean up.

5. Put things back after using them – If clutter is a problem in your home then you need to pay attention to where you put things after using them. In the case of mail, find a home for letters that need to be dealt with and throw junk mail away immediately. Try washing dishes as soon as you use them and put dirty clothes away in a hamper so they’re out of sight.

6. Get everyone in the family involved – There shouldn’t just be one person in the house responsible for keeping it clean. Try to get everyone involved, including the kids if they’re old enough. If everyone makes the effort to help clean up, cleaning will be much easier to keep on top of.

7. Do a daily 5-minute tidy – Cleaning is one of those things that accumulates and gets worse over time, so by doing little bits here and there you can save yourself a lot of time in the long run. Try doing a quick walk around and tidy up before you leave the house every morning so you can look forward to coming home to a clean house everyday.

Do you do any daily cleaning tasks to help keep your home looking spotless? The Arbee team would love to hear more tips on how locals keep their homes clean, so feel free to share.