Prepare your Bacchus Marsh property for fire season

AutumnBacchus Marsh residents should start preparing their properties in readiness for this year’s fire danger period.

Of course, you should take precautions to minimise and prepare for fire risks all year round, but as the weather heats up and plants start to dry out, there is a higher fire risk and local residents are urged to take the time to do what they can at their homes to ensure that they remain safe.

Emergency services are forecasting that this year’s fire season may start sooner and be more severe than in previous years and as a result, Moorabool Shire Council’s Municipal Fire Prevention Officer will shortly begin the annual inspections for fire hazards on properties within Moorabool.

Local residents are encouraged to prepare a fire plan and talk to about what you and your family would do in a fire emergency.

Some actions you might like to take around your property include (from the Moorabool Council):

–       Service and repair lawnmowers and brush cutters.

–       Keep grass short – no more than 10 centimetres high.

–       Make space between plants and trees.

–       Clear fallen leaves and twigs from around your property on regular intervals.

–       Remove rubbish and built up fuels.

–       Clear gutters of built up leaves and twigs.

–       Establish and maintain firebreaks throughout the year and consider working in conjunction with neighbours to reduce the risk on adjoining properties.

A year round maintenance program for your property is the best way to be prepared. If you have any questions then you should contact Council’s Municipal Fire Prevention Officer or visit the CFA website at for further property preparation advice.