How to de-clutter every room in your home

spring cleanIf you’re thinking of selling your Bacchus Marsh home this spring, or perhaps taking part in the annual Garage Sale Trail, then you should probably get a head start on that all-important spring cleanout.

The best way to de-clutter is to break it down into separate tasks and go through each room in your home at a time.

The kitchen – Being the heart and soul of the home, the kitchen tends to be the place where a lot random items build up. In fact, a lot of people end up with a “junk” draw where people put things they can’t bring themselves to throw away.

You need to be ruthless in the kitchen. Go through each draw and cupboard and start working through those old pots and pans. Anything damaged or cracked is probably due to be thrown out, as is any lid without a matching container. Also, take the time to go through your fridge and pantry and throw away anything that is past its used-by date.

Bedrooms – Help everyone in your household go through their bedroom and decide on what needs to stay and go. In the case of clothes, if it hasn’t been worn in a year then it could be time for a new home. Clothes that are no longer worn but are still in good condition can be given away, or you might like to try selling them at a garage sale. You can do the same for anything else you might find in your cupboards that is too good to be thrown away, such as toys, books or jewellery.

Bathrooms – It’s surprising the amount of useless items that end up wasting space in bathroom drawers, such as almost-empty containers you’ll never finish, or any old beauty products. A lot of bathrooms are home to things like complimentary items from hotels or guest soaps that will never be used. If you’re not using it, then get rid of it and free up your bathroom space.

The best way to keep the clutter at bay is to do regular clean-outs and to find a home for everything you use. Try spending at least 5 minutes everyday putting things back in their place and be mindful of what you use and bring into your home.

Do you have any more de-cluttering tips to share?