Ikea’s Concept Kitchen – Is this what kitchens will look like in the future?

ikea concept kitchenHave you ever wondered what the average kitchen will look like in 2025? Have you thought about ways in which you could make it more efficient and cut down on waste products? If you have, then you’re not the only one, with Ikea recently coming up with a concept kitchen that might provide an insight into what kitchens will be like in the future.

The Ikea Concept Kitchen was developed in collaboration with design firm IDEO London and students from Lund and Eindhoven universities.

It was designed based on assumptions about what life will be like in 2025 and it looks at ways in which we can live a more eco-friendly lifestyle.

Some of the ideas that were developed as part of the Concept Kitchen include a table that can analyse ingredients and suggest recipes, a water system that can re-use grey water, induction-cooling technology that responds to temperature regulating stickers and a disposal system that lets you earn credits if you’ve been an industrious recycler or debits if you’ve been wasteful.

While we might not see all of the ideas from the Concept Kitchen become a reality, it certainly provides designers with some food for thought and perhaps even town planners could take the recycling credits idea on board.

If you’re lucky enough to be in Milan at the moment then you can visit full-size Concept Kitchen in action, or you can read more about it at www.conceptkitchen2025.com.

What do you think of the Ikea Concept Kitchen? Could you see yourself using a similar kitchen in the future?