How to make room for an extra bedroom

Bedroom - MainA lot of people think that you need to invest in expensive house extensions to find room for an extra bedroom, but in a lot of cases an extra bedroom can be found under the existing roofline of your home.

Re-name a study or sunroom

Sometimes adding an extra bedroom is as easy as changing the names on the floor plan. Many homes have rooms that are used exclusively as a study or a sunroom, but these rooms are often easily converted into bedrooms with a bit or rearrangement and possibly the addition of a door.

Move the entryway 

A lot of homes have a room at the entrance that could make way for the perfect bedroom with a little bit of renovation work. If you intend to do this as your home you would need to find a different part of the house to enter and block up the existing front door.

Re-consider the need for a formal dining room 

The days of the formal dining room may be numbered, with many homeowners now preferring open-plan layouts. This may be able to benefit those looking to add an extra bedroom as they could potentially designate an area in the kitchen or lounge to a dining area and convert the existing dining room into a bedroom. 

Move the kitchen

In some cases an eat-in kitchen area can be turned into a bedroom, as long as there is space somewhere else in the house for the kitchen such as in the lounge or dining areas. This isn’t practical for every home however as moving a kitchen can be expensive, so make sure you do a cost estimate before you start ripping out cabinets.

Every property is different so the best way to find out where or if you can fit in extra bedroom in your home is to take a look at your existing floor plan.

A 3- or 4-bedroom house will often fetch a higher sale price than a 2-bedroom, and if you plan on renting the property out you might be able to achieve a higher rental income too. However if you’re adding an extra bedroom because you want to add value to your property then make sure you seek advice first, as adding an extra room won’t guarantee extra value or a higher rental income and in some cases it might be more beneficial to add an extra bathroom instead.

For further advice about adding value to your property feel free to get in touch with one of the Arbee Real Estate team.