Get in early to prepare your home for the spring selling season

spring cleanIn real estate everybody has heard of the popular spring selling season, and if you want to sell in spring then you should start preparing your property now so it’s ready to go to market in just over a month’s time.

Clean and de-clutter

Get an early start on the moving process by sorting through everything in your house now and throwing away items you no longer want or need. While you’re at it, go through each room of your house and make it as spotless as you can. You may even like to hire a professional cleaner to help you out.

Focus on kerb appeal

The front of a house has a big impact on buyers; so make sure that yours is the star in your neighbourhood. Clean up weeds and garden beds and replace anything that’s damaged. Take a photo of the front of your house and ask yourself if there’s anything that looks out of place or that could be fixed up to help improve your home’s first impressions.


Even the oldest homes can be made to feel fresh and new again and sometimes all it takes is a fresh coat of paint. Popular paint colours change year to year (and even suburb to suburb) so ask your local paint supplier what’s in vogue or check out the colours of new or renovated homes in your area for inspiration.

Finish projects and repairs

If you’ve been carrying out any renovations then make sure these are finished before putting your home on the market so that potential buyers can see the finished product. If there is anything at your property that needs repairing then make sure this is done before you put your home on the market too.

Talk to your Professionals real estate agent

It’s worth talking to a real estate agent as early in the selling process as possible so that you can discuss what needs to be done at your property to prepare it for sale, and so you can avoid getting carried away and undertaking renovations that could result in overcapitalising.

If you’re thinking about selling in Bacchus Marsh and would like any advice then get in touch with the team at Arbee Real Estate.