Will you be going Dry this July?

dry julyWith Dry July just a couple of days away it’s a good time for Bacchus Marsh residents to start asking themselves if now is a good time to give up alcohol.

We’re sure that most people in Bacchus Marsh will have heard of the Dry July campaign before, where people volunteer to remain sober for a month to help raise money for adults living with cancer.

More and more participants get involved in Dry July every year and we can certainly see why – not only is it for a good cause but it rewards participants with a feeling of wellbeing and the many health benefits that can come from going booze free for a month.

If you’ve been known to enjoy an alcoholic drink or two throughout the week then you might be surprised at the benefits that can come from abstaining.

Weight loss, higher productivity, increased energy levels, better sleep quality and a clearer head and skin are just some of the health benefits that Dry July participants can experience.

Not to mention the money you can save when you switch to drinking water on a night out!

The major benefit of giving up alcohol for Dry July however is that you will be helping to raise money for people who really need it, with the proceeds of Dry July going to hospitals around Australia.

We know that giving up alcohol can be tough though, so get your friends to join in on Dry July so you have strength in numbers!

If you want to sign up to join in on Dry July this year then head to https://au.dryjuly.com where you can find all further information.

Have you signed up to Dry July this year?