Help Australia’s endangered animals by wearing a onesie this week

Whats-On1Do you have the courage to turn up to work wearing an animal onesie to help raise funds for endangered animals?

That is the challenge that has been set by the World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) as part of their second annual Wild Onesie Week campaign, helping to raise funds and awareness for WWF’s critical work for endangered creatures such as Australia’s very own Black Flanked Rock Wallaby.

Last year more than 1,200 participants took part, helping to raise over $115,00 which has been used to help support the conservation of some of Australia and the world’s most threatened species, including loggerhead turtles, giant pandas, orang-utans and tigers.

Wild Onesie Week runs all this week (June 1 to June 5) and to get involved all you need to do is register as a team or as an individual at the WWF website. Then you should ask your friends, family members and co-workers if they will sponsor you to wear an animal onesie out and about for a day or for the entire week. You can wear your own animal onesie or buy one from the website.

The idea behind the campaign is that by dressing up as an animal for the day, people can give a voice to endangered animals both here and aboard and draw attention to a cause that doesn’t get enough attention.

Onesies may be of questionable fashion, but there’s no doubt that they’re comfy and warm, so who really needs an excuse to wear them during the first week of winter?

If you want to sign up to the Wild Onesie challenge then head to

Will you be wearing a onesie around Bacchus Marsh this week?