Do schools matter when choosing the location of your home?

Dream-HomeTrying to find the perfect property is never easy, and it can be made even harder when you have school locations to consider too.

It’s not uncommon for property and rent prices to be higher in areas with popular schools nearby as there are a lot of parents who are willing to pay more to live in areas with good schools. In fact there are many homebuyers who will choose an area based on its schools before they even have children.

The schools in an area are obviously an important consideration, particularly if you have a child that is about to start primary or high school, however it’s not always worth investing in an area simply because it has a good school.

If you’re moving to an area in the hope that you’ll have children going to a specific school there one day then there is a chance you will end up disappointed. Schools may change reputations over the years or they may even move to a new location or close down altogether. There’s also the possibility that your child may end requiring a different teaching style then the one employed by a school you’ve chosen prematurely.

Schools are important though and if you’re trying to decide on the future school for your child then it’s best to ask around and get the opinions of others who have had experience with the school. You can also research local schools by visiting the My School website.

If you’re keeping schools in mind while you’re looking for a home then you may also like to search for a property using, which lists nearby schools in property results.

Did schools have an influence over where you bought your property?