Discover Bacchus Marsh on foot

Everyone living in Bacchus Marsh is encouraged to get out and get walking for the month of May and beyond.

There seems to be plenty of walking events taking place this month for locals to take advantage of and these will hopefully help provide people with the kick-start they need to begin an active and healthy lifestyle.

The RSPCA Million Paws Walk and Walk Safely to School Day are just a couple of walking events coming up that are well worth taking part in.

Of course you can also take the initiative to start walking more all year long by joining a local walking group or by simply integrating more walking into your day.

There are also plenty of walking pedometers and activity trackers on the market at the moment that are motivating people to take on the challenge of walking more. Ten thousand steps is the recommended amount of steps that are meant to be walked each day, however many people reach well below that figure.

Remember walking is free, it’s accessible, and it requires little to no special planning, preparation or gear, so it’s one of the easiest activities you can do that can help improve your fitness. Plus there are so many fantastic locations to go walking in the local area to take in the local scenery and enjoy a chat amongst friends.

So get out there this month and start discovering what our local area has to offer on foot.

Do you have a favourite place to go walking in the local area? Or do you know of a walking group that you’d encourage others to join?