Property buyers will soon be able to search for a home by glancing at their watch

Builders-BoostReal estate companies Domain and REA Group are set to become the first in Australia to release apps for the new Apple Watch, set to hit Australian shores on April 24.

We know that many of Bacchus Marsh Apple fans have been excited about the release of the watch since it’s announcement last year, with many already predicting the myriad of ways that they will be able to use the watch – which will now also allow them to keep a close eye on the property market.

Many are touting the watch for its ability to be able to track fitness, measure your heart rate, send and receive notifications and support a wide variety of apps, with many still in development as companies wait and see how the watches are incorporated into day-to-day life.

The new Domain and REA Group apps will be a welcome watch feature for Australian property buyers.

The Domain app will allow Apple Watch wearers to search property listings and view photos and information, schedule inspections and receive instant notifications about properties.

REA’s offering will also offer property alerts and provide GPS directions to the property and allow users to record voice memos about the home to it, which will be synced to their account.

While you can already use your smart phone apps to do many of the things that the new Apple Watch apps will do, no doubt they will prove to be a fun new addition to the technology landscape and we’re sure that many buyers will appreciate being able to check our properties quickly on the go (which is also good for sellers too).

Remember too, that the new apps are only the first edition and it’s very likely that they’ll evolve over time to offer may more features for property buyers – after all who knows how the new trend of wearable technology will develop and how it will end up enhancing our day-to-day lives in the future.

We’re interested to hear from our readers what they think about the new Apple Watch – will you be lining up to buy one? And do you think that real estate apps would be handy on your watch?